by Prosecco

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released July 12, 2018


all rights reserved



Prosecco Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: fool
my reality was yours to spin and twist just how you need it
you knew just where to hide, you knew how dark to keep it
i don't like your bitter pills, don't want to take them

they kill the fool in me

your big brain was developed just to keep your secrets
my big brain was developed just so i'd believe them
i don't like your bitter pills, don't want to take them
i'll spit em out, crush them up into the pavement
Track Name: work ethic
im bending backwards im half awake my time belongs to someone else ive never seen his face im staring sideways im barely breathing my legs are bleeding my eyes are barely open theyre sitting laughing im standing waiting my eyes are barely open my dreams are someone elses my ears are ringing my face is feeling nothing my time belongs to someone else my dreams belong to someone else
Track Name: function
every single eye in the room is twitching every single word you say will be used against you every single face is starting to look like every other face all the names are melting together all the voices are melting together too many people are talking too loudly for anyone to hear what anyone has to say
Track Name: remembering/punishing
when glass breaks does it hurl itself into a broken future?
the past never stays in it’s place
if the door is locked do you find a window, or break it down?
do you find another way into a place you don’t belong?
do you force your way through, change things irreparably, fall asleep on the couch, waiting?
you can go into the future but you can’t get it back
it was over but it still stung, cut into my heel, digging it’s way deeper and deeper
my future is pretending to forget, remembering is punishing, remembering is punishment
my future is a card you wrote me saying you were sorry
my future is putting words to a past i couldn’t understand
tell me not to think about it, it’s still there, purer still
tell me not to think about it and i am still afraid
and i will still lash out and i will still be angry
doomed to find new ways to extract the things that hurt
pass it down generation to generation soaking into numbness
i want to corrupt it into nothing, remember it into distortion
i want to hide under the bed
i just want to walk barefoot on hardwood

i want you to be proud of me and i never want you to listen to this

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